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    [Release] SolidProxy S5/S6 - Multi-Protocol
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    Padrão [Release] SolidProxy S5/S6 - Multi-Protocol


    finally i had time to finish a Public Version of my h4x. It got many features/options, most of them are self-explanatory . Especially with the Packet-Sender and Packet Rules you can do alot of things, if you have the knowledge about packets and some imagination. O.O

    I tested it only on one Season 5.4/6E2 Server with English Protocol, so its Beta.

    The Hack doesn´t include a bypass for any Anti-Hack program, don´t ask for it. I will ignore such requests. However i didn't put in any limitations, so feel free to hack on any Server you want. It works even on GMO, at the moment is no bypass needed.

    To run the Hack you need the .NET Framework 3.5 (Client Profile)

    Some Screenshots:

    Some Credits:
    Evolver - C3 EncDec
    paulo94 - C3 EncDec Port to C# (buggy one xD)
    Deathway - Main Checksum Algorithm
    Mumpfi3k - helped me when i was nab

    - Moved some features to other tab pages.
    - Added Events tag page. Death Events with Actions like in Packet Rules. Therefore removed redundant options.
    - Added Tab "Expert Settings", which contains a new option to customize the 32-byte XOR Key, since it may be different in private season 6 servers. Also moved Main.exe Bypass to this tab.
    - Added hint at autokill
    - Added Ragefighter Skills to Anti-DC\Ignore Skill Packets
    - other minor fixes which i forgot

    - Added Season 6(GMO) support:bunny:
    - Skills are now defined in XML-Files, to make the IDs customizable
    - Illusion Temple map fixed.
    - Other minor improvements
    - Fixed Autokill Mode 2
    - Added Autopick deactivation
    - Increased maximum Threshold Values of HP/Mana Guard to 65000
    - Increased maximum Hits of Combo Hack from 10 to 1000
    - Some other minor improvements
    - Added new Autokill mode to kill all monsters parallel (due to lack of a testserver, Untested! So tell me if it works or not)
    - Added Protection Option: Don't send attacks while in Safezone
    - Added Load/Save for the Coordinate List. When you save the coords into the subfolder "Spots", it will list it directly under the Load Button.
    - Added 'Ignore Mana/AG Requirement' Option to Autokill
    - Added Max Distance at Skill Sender Packet Action
    - Added detailed Pickup Item Filter, which enables you to do a more precise selection of the items you want to pick up. If any of the set up detail filter matches with the dropped item, it will be picked up.
    - Fixed some bugs of Autowarp
    - Fixed bug which caused 100% cpu on some machines after disconnecting
    - Fixed Autobuff
    - Added Automatic Master Skill Detection for Autokill/Autobuff/Skill Sender Action. Master Level of Skill will be displayed in all ComboBoxes.
    - Colored Combo Boxes for Skill Selection. Available/Unavailable Skills are colored Green/Red.
    - Added Stealth Mode
    - Added better Saving/Loading of Packet Rules/Actions, to make it backwards compatible for the next versions. However, you need to set up the old rules once again.
    - Added Import/Export of Packet Rules(*.rule files)
    - Fixed bugs in Send Skill Action
    - Added Pause Teleport in Player Meet Events
    - Added new Packet Action: Play Sound (Wave files only!)
    - Added new Packet Action: Run Process
    - Added new Packet Action: Send E-Mail
    - Added Packet Actions: Send Skill, Chat
    - Added compability for Pre-Season4 Drop Packets
    - Fixed Load Item List Crash, when there is no ItemNames.txt
    - fixed Map Loading for Event Maps BC, CC, Kalima, IT
    - Added new Highend-Feature: Packet Rules (never saw this in any other hack)
    - fixed 'Add Current Coords' Button
    - fixed possible Crash Bug
    - fixed Ignore Dmg and IgnoreHit(Animation)
    - fixed Skill-Hack Bug
    - improved Network Code (Performance & Simplicity) -> less lag i hope
    - added Icon
    - added Option for Guard Interval
    - added Option for Pickup Mode
    - added Cross to Map (Player Position) with Options
    - rearranged Map Options

    Question 0: Send me xyz / Do for me xyz / Does it work on xyz server?
    Answer 0:
    - I don't supply any anti hack bypass
    - I don't crack main.exe's for you
    - I don't care if it runs on your server, I won't test it for you. The most problems are by wrong protocol settings.

    Question 1: Can you give me a short Tutorial please?
    Answer 1:
    OK here you go...
    General Settings
    - Local Server:
    IP: Set the IP to your Local IP. Don´t use You can use your LAN-IP, for example
    Connection Server Port: It´s the port where your main.exe wants to connect, if your Real Server uses a Join-Server with Server Selection.
    Game Server Port: It´s the port where your main.exe will be routed when you select a server at the Server-List. If you unchecked "Is Connection Server", the main.exe will directly connect to this port.

    - Real Server:
    IP: IP of the Server where you want to use the Cheat. If you dont know how to get the Servers IP, read

  2. Port: Port of the Server
    Is Connection Server: Determines wheter you can Select a Server/Realm(Check it), or you will be directly connected to the Game Server(Uncheck it).

    So what you need now, to force your game to connect to SolidProxy and not to the GameServer directly. You can do this
    a) by modificating the hosts file if your server uses an domain address to connect
    b) by using the built-in launcher (doesnt work for GMO, since you need start mu from website)

    Description about some functions:
    Normal Hit Animation: when you make autokill with normal hit packets, you can define an animation. when you set it right, you could kill invisible you can only test the different animations by watching your char from another account.
    Teleport Item at Drop: when this Checkbox is checked, your character will teleport to the item to pick it up.
    Monster Magnet: All Monsters spawn inside you, and walk to you.
    Skill Hack: When you do a skill with your character, and you set the Skill Hack to 10, you will make this Skill 10 times.
    Question 2: Can you give me a Bypass for Mu Global pls?? I can also pay in $$
    Answer 2: No, don´t ask me about it anymore!

    Question 3: Teleport and Pickup doesn´t work, please fix it!
    Answer 3: You probably selected the wrong Protocol, or your Server is using a custom one.

    Question 4: I want to use Main.exe Version Bypass. I found out the Version String of my main.exe with Hex-Editor. How do i translate this into the Hex-Format, which is needed for the Proxy? The String is '2267<'
    Answer 4:
    You need to get the ASCII-Values in Hex for this characters first.
    2 = 32
    2 = 32
    6 = 36
    7 = 37
    < = 3C

    Then subtract 1 to 5 from the HEX-Numbers
    32 - 1 = 31
    32 - 2 = 30
    36 - 3 = 33
    37 - 4 = 33
    3C - 5 = 37

    so if you need to bypass the version, type this into the Textbox: 31 30 33 33 37
    Question5: Can you give me a Picture where to put the IPs??
    Answer5: Here it is:

    Question6: Do i need Main.exe Bypass and how does Main.Exe Bypass work?
    Usually you don't need this Bypass if you ask this Question. It's for experienced Users. However here is some explaination:
    Checksum Bypass:
    Function mode:You put the original main.exe (new S5 Versions: use the gameguard.csr and rename it to main.exe) into the proxy folder. Proxy will calculate checksum by a function.
    Checksum.dat: You have a Checksum.dat file with the correct checksums in the proxy folder. This is usefull if the built-in Function doesn't work and you have a checksum.dat.

    Version Bypass
    You set the Version of your main.exe. The Proxy is automatically detecting the Version which the Server expects, but it needs the Version of your main.exe to tell your Client the Version is the right one. Follow the format described at the Info Popup.

    Serial Bypass
    You set the Serial of your main.exe which the Server will expect (means the Serial of the original main.exe). Follow the format described at the Info Popup here too.
    Question7: How does Combo Hack work?
    Answer7: When activated, everytime you do weapon skill on a Monster or Player, the proxy will complete the combo by sending the packets for the configured Skills. So all you need to do is weapon skill all the time to pwn everyone!

    Question8: How to customize Protocols.txt?

    Question9: Can you give example how to use Packet Rules?
    Answer9: For example AG-Hack:
    Combo Hack with Master Stab and Rageful Blow lvl5:
    God Mode(not working in gmo): HowTo: Login and choose a char. Activate the rule before you will click on select char, and voila u stay in game and mobs not hit u. :bunny:
    Anti Ragefighter DC:

    Question10: What i need to do to run it on Season 6 GMO?
    Here is a picture of my setup:
    Add the highlighted line to the hosts file (path of it: look at the top). You can start mu now as usual by the website, but with activated proxy.

    Is it Possible to add Any Skill in Auto Kill ?
    Do you have Guide how to Change it?
    Yes you can add skills, but only the simple ones, which need only 0x19 or 0x1E packets. Skills like Evil Spirit for example will only eat your mana, but wont do any damage, because they need extra packets.
    It seems pretty easy to add skill to the xml file from my perspective. The only thing you need to consider is, that all values are in decimal, not in hexadecimal.
    The Type-Element tells if the skill is sent as 0x19(25 in decimal) or 0x1E(30 in decimal) packet.
    The IDs you can easily sniff by filtering 0x19 and 0x1E packets... Example:
    When you do your skill, your client sends this to the server:
    C3 07 19 02 43 08 20
    The 02 43 in decimal is 579. So you add this to the xml file:

    <Skill> <Type>25</Type> <Definition> <ID>579</ID> <Name>Example Skill</Name> <ManaReq>20</ManaReq> <AgReq>10</AgReq> </Definition> </Skill>
    If a skill got more than 1 possible ID, like skills from skilltree, you can group them together, by adding just another Definition-Element. SolidProxy will then pick the first which is available(green).

    Esse video vai ajuda-los a entender melhor como usar

    Download :

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    legal ... mas este hack eh oficial de outro forum .. mas nao irei fazer spam ..
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    [Release] SolidProxy S5/S6 - Multi-Protocol
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    hm eu tenho a versão 1.17 soh que não sei usar o bypass ai o programa não rola
    todos anti-hack pega ele

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    Por favor, adicione o scan do arquivo no prazo de 24 horas, caso contrário o tópico será fechado.



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[Release] SolidProxy S5/S6 - Multi-Protocol