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    Shaiya PT

    Padrão [RunScape][Released] Xenorune Version 530.

    (#) Release do Servidor Xeronune 530

    * O Que ela Possui: (Em Inglês)


    - Bank pins same as RuneScape, random numbers, choose between 3 or 7 day recovery delay.


    - Nothing special, main stock with infinity amounts, and player stock (not like current RS shops).


    - X'ing out, getting attacked or opening/closing another interface will cancel the trade and both parties will get their items back.

    Fletching skill

    - Arrow shafts.
    - Shortbows (strung and unstrung).
    - Longbows (strung and unstrung).
    - Make bolts.
    - Crossbows (I only did 1 c'bow handle..having 7 different handles aswell as 7 different limbs is too extreme for an RSPS).
    - Make arrows.

    Herblore skill

    - Identifying herb -> Adding the herb to the water -> Addings the second ingredient to the mixture.
    - Same mixtures as RuneScape.
    - Grindable secondary ingredients.
    - Filling vials with water (continuously).
    - Adding the herb to the water.
    - Mixing doses of 1,2,3 together.
    - Emptying potions.

    Mining skill

    - All rocks mine-able.
    - Prospecting all rocks.
    - Rocks have different spawn times, depending on the ore they contain.
    - Random gems from mining rocks.
    - Pickaxe affects time taken to mine.

    Smithing skill
    - All RuneScape's items from Bronze to Rune.
    - Smiths just like real RuneScape.
    - Forge ring prevents iron from 'getting lost in the furnace', 40 charges.
    - Full smelting available too.

    Runecrafting skill

    - Only normal runes craftable (no combo or Ourania altar).
    - Complete working Abyss.
    - All Abyss obstacles.
    - Fully functional pouches.
    - Tiaras.
    - Talismans, with Locate option.
    - Multiple rune creation, depending on level.
    - All altars available

    Prayer skill

    - All bones buryable.
    - Complete prayer switching.

    Cooking skill

    - All meat & fish cookable (other items wouldn't be used :\).
    - Can cook on any fire or stove.
    - Cooking gauntlets affect burn rate.
    - Level affects burn rate.

    Woodcutting skill

    - All trees choppable.
    - Respawn time varies depending on log type.
    - Nests drop from trees, may contain seeds or jewellery, nest to be used in Herblore.
    - Axe affects time to cut the tree.

    Thieving skill

    - All stalls thievable.
    - Stall respawn time varies depending on xp reward.
    - Same NPC's thievable as real RuneScape.
    - Level affects rate of being caught.
    - Ardougne & wilderness chests also thievable.

    Fishing skill

    - All fish fishable.
    - Different fishing spots for different types of rod/net, but possible to catch more than 1 fish at 1 spot (such as salmon & trout).
    - Your level affects what you catch.
    - Level affects rate of catching.
    - Fishing guild for level 75+ fishers.

    Firemaking skill

    - All logs from normal to magic.
    - Coloured logs.
    - Fires can be cooked on.
    - Ashes once burned out.
    - Fires viewable by all players, including ones just logging in.

    Crafting skill

    - Clay crafting.
    - All normal leather items.
    - All Dragonhide items.
    - All jewellery.
    - Gem cutting.
    - Flax & Sinew spinning.
    - Tiara & unholy symbol spinning.
    - Glass crafting.

    Magic (incomplete)

    - All teleports (normal & ancients) same as RuneScape.
    - Home teleports for all 3 magic books.
    - Autocasting, and defensive autocasting on players and NPCs.
    - All normal magic spells, and all ancient magic spells, castable on players and NPCs.
    - Teleblock.
    - Casting a spell whilst in melee combat will wait until your current attack is over before casting (like RuneScape).
    - Miasmic spells.

    Farming skill

    - Vegatable, flower, herb, tree & fruit tree patches ( Didn't bother with others since they wouldn't be used.)
    - Patches yield same amount of harvest as RuneScape, to keep prices stable.
    - Didn't bother with diseasing/dying since it's just an un-needed 'annoyance', but can be enabled at a later date.
    - All grow times are X of RuneScapes, aswell as XP being X of RuneScape's (XP + grow times undecided).
    - Seeds gained from thieving, monster drops, nests and Miscellania coffers.
    - Patches grow whilst you are offline.
    - All plants have the same number of 'stages' of growing as RuneScape.

    Agility skill

    - Gnome training course.
    - Barbarian assault course.
    - Wilderness agility course.
    - Ape Atoll NOT available, couldn't get the zipline like RS so i'm not having it.
    - All shortcuts which could be used on Xenorune are available, providing you have the correct Agility level.
    - All correct animations.
    - Brimhaven Agility Arena 'base' (more below).
    - Didn't make obstacles 'failable' since it's just an annoyance.

    Slayer skill

    - 5 Slayer masters, in the same places as RuneScape.
    - Different level requirement for each Slayer master.
    - Slayer Gem.
    - Slayer ring teleports you to the 5 main Slayer areas.
    - Relevant items needed to defeat/fight a monster.
    - Slayer level-specific drops (such as Abyssal whip, Granite maul etc).
    - Talk to Turael to cancel your task.
    - Slayer point system.
    - Recieve a set number of points per task, amount depenable on Slayer master.
    - Reassign mission - will cancel your task & give you a new one (monsters available from whichever Slayer master you talk to).
    - Permanently remove current - Remove your task so you can't be assigned it again, 4 types of monsters allowed, can also be re-enabled.
    - Buy 10k Slayer XP for X points.
    - Buy Ring of Slaying (8 charges) for X points.
    - Buy Runes for Slayer dart, a stack of 250 casts for X points.
    - Buy Broad arrows/Broad bolts in stacks of 250 for X points.
    - Getting a task for "Kalphites" will allow you to kill any Kalphite monster, the same with giants, dragons etc.
    - Can only recieve a minimum & maximum amount of monsters, varies depending on Slayer master.

    Range (incomplete)

    - Longbows, shortbows, Obsidian rings, Karil bows, all Crystal bows, all c'bows available.
    - All bolts with relevant effects have a chance of hitting.
    - Casting a spell whilst in ranged combat will wait until your current attack is over before casting (like RuneScape).
    - Crystal bows degrade.
    - Special attacks for weapons that use them, same effects as RuneScape.
    - Ranged max hit calculator, almost all ranged weapons have the same maxhit as RuneScape (depending on level).


    - All relevant melee weapons have special attacks, with corresponding special effects.

    Combat In General
    - Magic prayer halves the time you are teleblocked (if is turned on whilst someone teleblocks you).
    - The relevant prayers halve the damage you recieve (or 0 on NPCs).
    - You cannot X out, or log out of combat until 10 seconds after your last hit.
    - Smite will lower your opponents prayer by 25% of your damage.
    - Recoil ring will hit your opponent for 10% of your damage, 40 charges.
    - Poison, slowly decreases.
    - 1v1 works as it did it RuneScape.
    - Drops will go to the person who did the most damage, not the last hit.
    - Protect items, 0 skulled, 1 if you have protect item on & skulled, 4 if you're not skulled & have protect item on, 3 normally.
    - Awesome combat formula for attack and defence (imo).

    Duel Arena

    - No stake limit.
    - All rules configurable except obstacles (pointless since the walls don't affect projectiles).
    - Cheat-free as far as i know (epic testing ).

    Brimhaven Agility Arena
    - First pillar will enable you to get a ticket on the next pillar, and recieve a ticket for every pillar tagged from then on. (same as RuneScape).
    - Costs to enter.
    - Tickets exchangable for the same items & XP as RuneScape.
    - NO OBSTACLES THOUGH! (i was waiting to fix my force movement bug first.

    Warrior Guild

    - 120 combined Attack & Strength to enter.
    - Only animators available (i don't know how the other stuff works ).
    - Cyclops drop defenders, speak to Kamfreena to get to the next wave.
    - All sets of armour give the same ticket amounts as RuneScape.
    - 10 tickets dissapear per minute.


    - Random doors.
    - Random brother.
    - All tunnel doors open & close properly.
    - Recieve random item/s from the chest.
    - Earthquake after you recieve item which will slowly kill you (to prevent chest campers).
    - The brothers have relevant attack effects.
    - Same rewards from chest as RuneScape.
    - The brothers will dissapear if you leave the crypt for ANY reason.

    Fight Pits

    - 2 players needed to start a game.
    - Viewing orb.
    - Winner recieves a red skull.
    - Tzhaar monsters spawn if the game isn't completed in X minutes.
    - Winner recieves Tokkul reward, amount dependant on number of killed people.
    - All relevant dialogue.


    - All Jewellery teleports
    - Dropped items will refresh upon login, to prevent untradables being lost from disconnections.
    - All food and potions will heal/boost the same as RuneScape, pies/cakes change into the relevant 'pieces'.
    - Completely working chat privacy options.
    - You can click objects from far away and won't need to reclick once next to them.
    - Rewritten all the RS2HD-features (banking etc).
    - Rewrote the RS2HD event system.
    - Nothing in 'process'.
    - All the major dungeons contain NPC spawns.
    - Forum database SQL integration added (disabled for release though).
    - Lots of mapdata dumped from 530 RuneScape personally by me.
    - Fixed chat encryption/decryption.

    OBS: Está Release Possui poucos bugs, aconselho que os conhecedores de Linguagem Java de uma olhada na parte das skill's pois ainda não estão totalmente completas.apesar disso é uma boa release.

    Aqui está uma lista de bugs/problemas conhecidos:

    (#)No boss monsters (except godwars bosses).
    (#)Incomplete layout (sorry people who download and host ).
    (#)No Pest Control.
    (#)No clue scrolls.
    (#)No defensive autocast.
    (#)No ranged attack/defence formula (there is for melee & magic).
    (#)Vengeance is the only lunar spell added.
    (#)No bank tabs.
    (#)Barrows is incomplete..no puzzles/random doors.
    (#)No formula for monster ranged/magic attacks.
    (#)Slayer monsters have no drops (other monsters do).
    (#)XML saving means lots of you will have problems adding new saved variables.
    (#)Curse and those types of spells all use the wrong graphics lol.
    (#)Following isn't added.
    (#)Loan item isn't added.
    (#)Grand Exchange is incomplete.
    (#)Sometimes the client doesn't load, despite the server being online.
    (#)The force movement mask is messed up (simple fix i've heard?).
    (#)Hasn't recieved proper beta testing.
    (#)Cooking only has fish items.
    (#)No ban/mute system.
    (#)Godwars is unfinished.
    (#)Prayer is 'old school' (burying bones).
    (#)Fishing is a bit nackered.
    (#)No update server.


    OBS: Se voçê deseja criar e trabalhar em um servidor de runescape primeiramente leia este guia do começo ao fim e tenha um bom conhecimento em Linguagem Java O: >>



  3. NOTA - Para corrigir o servesave, vá para a pasta de dados e crie uma pasta chamada 'SavedGames'


  4. Cache

  5. OBS:Não fiz o Scan do cache pois possui + de 60 MB,portanto baixe que quer.




    Shaiya PT

    Em Breve + Infos Sobre Runes OS (Open Source).

    Jagex Games - Todos os Direitos Reservados.

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    ja ta online???

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    provavelmente sim x.x
    ele está divulgando, não é certeza mas acho que está

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    [RunScape][Released] Xenorune Version 530.
    Data de Ingresso
    CheatsBrasil, Sir.
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    Favor arrumar o link do Megaupload, pois está Offline.

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    Boa manolo



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